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darkjester1May. 2nd, 2007 11:38 pm A Quest of Unicorns

If anyone is interested in doing the Unicorn Questline... BE WARNED!!! You're in it for the long haul! Let me give you the just of what you'll be in for:

Go to main Unicorn.

Go to nearby area to escort another Unicorn to main Unicorn.

Head all the way to Qalia for another Unicorn.

Kill around 50 or so level 23-25 3-dot mobs.

Go to opposite side of Qalia for items from mobs.

Return items to Unicorn.

Go to an island far west of Qalia; at edge of map for another Unicorn.

Go to Kojan fro two more Unicorns; both on islands and both a good distance apart.

Return to Unicorn.

Go to other side of Qalia again.

Kill around 40 25-26 3-dot mobs.

Kill some -gasp- 2-dot mobs for some items... about the only ones. Short quest.

Feed dates to little Unicorns within herd.

Find unicorn by New Targonor.

Kill 50ish 26-27 3-dot mobs.

Kill 60+ 26-27 3-dot mobs; surrounded by 4-dot mobs.

Kill yet more 3-dot mobs... but this time only 15 of them. However high up on the mountains so annoying to get to.

Talk to person at opposite side of Thestra.

Find Unicorn nearby.

Kill 55 27-28 3-dot mobs.

Go to east edge of Thestra.

Talk to person then find Unicorn.

Kill 42 28-29 3-dot mobs.

Find two more Unicorns nearby (but not really)

Kill 18 28-29 3-dot mobs and then a record breaking 75 29-30 3-dot mobs for items.

Reunite Unicorns at first Unicorn.

Talk to same person for item and a Unicorn Follower (no real significance).

Head back to Qalia near the eastern Unicorn for another person.

Head into desert... far into desert for an item. Item cost: 10 gold (so much for Unicorn being free eh?).

Return to person.

Head BACK TO Thestra. Far, far, far northwest to a small island. Literally on the northwest edge of the damn planet. Kill 40 link-heavy 30-31 3-dot mobs.

FINALLY return to the Unicorn from the very beginning of this journey and choose your Unicorn.

The two good things about it is I got a level and a half (30 to 31 and one-half) + some good armor/items (specifically, a good saddlebag) and not to mention the Unicorn. ^^

I'm sure Shadowhound quest is the same way... Which is what I wanted originally but all of Martok attacks me on sight so... I had to make do.

Good luck... and happy hunting!

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darkjester1Mar. 22nd, 2007 06:54 am Super Monster. o.O

Ran into this little beauty during a quest. The quest involves spraying some pheromones on a Tautiren Lizardman which summons this guy to pwn them. Even so, never even knew its level could go so high... O.O;

Pic under cutCollapse )

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darkjester1Mar. 9th, 2007 10:27 pm More rare items and monsters!

All pics under cut!Collapse )

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darkjester1Mar. 6th, 2007 03:41 am Rare item found!

Hello all! I'm from the Flamehammer server under the name "Rakshasa" and I'm a Raki! Now the the introductions are complete, I want to share a cool rare item I found:

Found on a LARGE monster named "Gathrill" who is a Gataro. If you know where those are, I found it in a lake with an object much like what you found at Shimmerlake fountain @ the beginning (depending on your race). It was pretty tough... cuz it always has friends, and I died 5 times trying to beat it (It was level 7 and I was only level 6, thankfully no exp. loss!) but I finally did it with a lot of luck, really... It loves to stun each hit pretty much. Best of luck to you hunters out there! ^^

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valenMar. 31st, 2004 12:00 am Welcome!

Welcome to the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes LiveJournal Community!

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